Kerryn Griffiths first trained in coaching in 2002 and has been coaching professionally ever since. In 2008 she attained a PhD in the field through the Centre for Learning Innovation at the Queensland University of Technology. Her thesis explains the learning processes underpinning coaching and she has published a series of papers in international academic journals. Kerryn’s focus is on fusing together the principles and practices of education and coaching and use it as a powerful vehicle for learning, change and development.

A leader in the coaching industry, Kerryn is best known as the founder and global coordinator of ReciproCoach, an international community of professional coaches who engage in reciprocal peer coaching, mentoring and supervision. In education, she known for her contribution to the understanding of coaching as a model for effective learning.

Originally a teacher, Kerryn acted in staff development, advisory and liaison roles in infants, primary and secondary schools in both the UK and Australia. Most recently, she also taught and coordinated the Skills for Education and Employment program for an RTO in Northern NSW. Kerryn has also written and delivered educational programs for private companies and develops online learning and educational support programs.

In addition to her PhD, Kerryn Griffiths also holds a BA, BEd, Certificate IV in Business (Small Business Management), Graduate Diploma in Research Commercialisation and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


Kerryn Griffiths is the author of the popular Coaching Research in Practice, an e-publication that highlights evidence-based coaching research and provides practical recommendations for coaches to apply research to their coaching practice.

Kerryn has also published several papers in peer reviewed, academic journals, including:

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